Awesim Testimonials

We aim to provide our clients with the very best services available.

What have our previous clients said about us?

Below are extracts from written and signed Testimonials from some of our clients. 

  • Mr Tim Malafouris
    Hi Glen, Just writing to thank you for your service and your report. Your document was precise, exact and met our requirements. The report received was professionally written and presented and summed up our matter very well. Thanks to your report, we were able to win our case matter an finally put the situation behind us.
    Mr Tim Malafouris
  • Mr Michael Beattie
    Outstanding Project Management work......Glen was thrown in the deep end to successfully manage the completion of the above development on a tigh schedule. Glen had a lot of work to do, many hours of coordination of contractors and utility companies for major services and construction. He did this faultlessly and the directors of Kangaloon Devlopments highly commend Glen's work and his professionalism on our project.
    Mr Michael Beattie
  • Mr George Holt
    In the role of Site Manager to push the completion of a large in ground sewer pump station on our behalf and to deal with some personality problems on site. Glen achieved all our objectives on this project and we engaged Glen to manage the construction of another of our projects, involving a water pumping get the job completed on time and within budget.
    Mr George Holt
  • Mr Steven Drew
    Glen Sim has a very professional approach to his work, high experienced ....... with the ability to liaise with every person from the architect to labour involved in seeing the job completed.
    Mr Steven Drew
  • Patricia Stanwell
    As a result of a home building dispute I had before New South Wales Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT), I contacted Mr Glen Sim from Awesim Building Consultants for some assistance. Glen used a professional and friendly manner when he assessed, prepared and produced a Building Expert Witness Report and Scott Schedule for me. Glen gave me a fixed price for his services and delivered a high quality report with sound projected costs Glen also attended a Tribunal Conclave and the Final Hearing in my matter where I received a decision in my favour. Thanks Glen, I would thoroughly recommend your services as an Expert Witness.
    Patricia Stanwell
    Home Owner
  • Gavin Connolly
    I employed Awesim Consulting to inspect a job for me where a client did not want to pay and had made false claims that my work was defective and a safety hazard to the public. Glen came out and inspected the work and wrote a building report a Quantum Meruit report for the tribunal. He also attended at the tribunal as my representative. Both the building and quantum meruit reports were thorough and accurate. As part of his representation at the tribunal Glen took part in negotiations on my behalf and as a result I was awarded an extra $9000. I would highly recommend Awesim Consulting to anyone.
    Gavin Connolly