Building Inspection Software

This is the simplest Building Inspection Software,

Developed by Building Inspectors for Building Inspectors

The Building Inspection Software is called “Identify & Report” and has been around for around 15years in the USA, and now just arrived in Australia.

Building Inspection Software

Here are a few YouTube Videos,

showing some features of our

Building Inspection Software.

Video 1: Promotional Building Inspection Software Video

Video 2: Building Inspection Software for the iPad

Video 3: Building Inspection Software on a Motion Tablet


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I am a Building Inspector just like yourself, I started out over 15years ago with a few pieces of paper, a pen & clip board, spending upto 2hrs on site then off to the next inspection, doing upto 6 inspections per day. Then I was up til midnight copy & pasting comments & photo’s to make the final reports.

I had then up graded to small handheld devices and tablets with other software, which came and went with those devices. When the ipad came out I went searching for an Australian Based Building Inspection Software provider, yep I found a few, but none of them in my opinion comply with the Australian Standards or not easy for me to use.

Then I found InspectionSoftware.Com which had Home Inspection Software in the USA, they offered a FREE TRIAL, so I took them up on there offer, even though I was not able to use the software for my reporting needs here, I could see merit, with the ease of navigation between different pages & sections within the software.

I was able to speak directly with the Software Developer and they jumped at the chance to develop there Building Inspection Software to comply with the Australian Standards & distribute the software throughout Australia & New Zealand.

I look forward to your call, about our Building Inspection Software.