We pride ourselves on our construction schedule industry’s knowledge and experience of different methods of project controls, and time management, record keeping, monitoring and training.

We also provide our Construction Schedule for Builders in the BCRP

For cost effective service we provide a Construction Schedule for builders in the Builder Contract Review Program (BCRP).

Our Construction Schedule is compliant with the Component 1 of the BCRP.

What does a Construction Schedule do?

A Construction Schedule should show an accurate path from start to finish on a construction project.

It indicates when a trade is to start and finish there works, and what trades interact with another.

Also if a trade or supplier is delayed, how that will effect the end date.

Having effective project scheduling is critical to the success of a project.

Why Choose AWESIM Building Consultants for your Construction Programming?

We are fully trained & certified in MicroSoft Project 2010.
Having 20 years in the Building & Construction Industry, followed by a Diploma in Construction Management.
Basically we know what’s involved & how long it takes to build, that’s our job.
  • High performance, precise scheduling.
  • Easy management of trade contractors.
  • Control of project costs and resources.
  • Communication and collaboration – share plans with third parties.
  • Progress reports to stakeholders.
  • Powerful, tailored reporting
We also provide construction Schedules for Commercial & Industrial projects
Scheduling is used to create professional tender plans, manage the contract programme, record progress, manage labour requirements and for client and management reporting. What makes it truly unique is the way it combines ease of use with ‘full power’ construction-specific project management functionality.
The Scheduling Tools are used to Identify;
  • Scope of Works (SoW)
  • Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
  • Tasks
  • Risks
  • Critical Path
  • Cash Flows
  • Budgets

All we need from you to complete your Construction Schedule is;

  • Your Architectural Plans & Elevations
  • Your Structural Drawings
  • And for larger commercial project, we will also need to review the Specifications