Scott Schedule

What is a Scott Schedule?

This is a very common question, usually you have been asked by the Courts or NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) to provide a Scott Schedule.

A Scott Schedule example is shown within the video below.

The Scott Schedule is a template that is used to easily review the issue’s of dispute.

The Scott Schedule is a summary of the Full Expert Witness Report, the Courts & Tribunal will not accept a Scott Schedule on its own without being attached to a Expert Witness Report. However, not all Expert Reports require a Scott Schedule. The Scott Schedule is used when there are more than a couple issues related to your building dispute.

Scott ScheduleThe Expert Witness Report, explores every aspect of the Building Dispute, looking at each of the alleged issues, describing the observations/location, reference applicable Building Codes, Australian Standards and the Home Building Act. Providing a method & cost of rectification. The Expert Witness Report for complicated issues may stretch out over a dozen pages, so this is where the Scott Schedule comes in, to minimise/summarise the Expert Report into an easy to read table of defects, with method & cost of rectification, without the entire observations. The Scott Schedule is always referenced back to the Expert Report for further explanations, setting out the loss or damages being claimed for. The purpose of the Expert Witness Report & Scott Schedule is to paint a very clear & precise picture in the head of the Judge or Tribunal Member, as they will not visit the site to inspect the alleged issues.

How much does a Scott Schedule Cost?

The cost of the Scott Schedule would vary, dependent on the complexity of the issues at hand, the number of issues to report upon, in saying that, on average you would be looking at around $330.00 per issue to prepare and submit a Expert Witness Report



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