Defect Inspection

We specialise in providing a defect inspection and reporting upon building defects in new building, recently renovated buildings and additions, we search for items that are non-compliant with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and various Australian Standards. This type of defect inspection is manly used for newer buildings less than 6 years old, which fall into the Statutory Warranty Period.

Our Defect Inspection & Reports are used at the start of a dispute to show the builder that an independent Building Consultant has found issues that are required to be addressed

For newly constructed dwelling we are used as a Quality Assurance to insure the finishes meet minimum Australian Standards & BCA.

For older dwellings the cause of defects may also be caused by a lack of maintenance. as building materials may deteriate over time, so the report may not be as accurate as building defects and maintenance issues would be reported at the time of inspection. Our inspector in his opinion will try to identify if the defect is related to building material and/or the installation fault or a maintenance issue.

We can also produce if required a cost to rectify the identified issues.

What is in a Building Defect Inspection Report?

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