Here at AWESIM we specialise in Home Owners Warranty Inspections.

It is a requirement of the New South Wales Home Building Act 1989 that “An owner-builder must not enter into a contract for the sale of land on which owner-builder work is to be or has been done by or on behalf of the owner-builder unless a contract of insurance that complies with this Act is in force in relation to the work or proposed work.”

That means if you are a owner builder and intend or are in the process of selling your home which has had a renovation, addition or new building over the value of $20,000 and selling within 6 years of the completion of works or occupation certificate you must provide a Home Owners Warranty Inspection Report to your insurance broker, prior to them issuing a certificate of Home Owners Warranty Insurance.

What’s in a Home Owners Warranty Inspection Report?

Separate summary listing and a detailed description of:

                All defects;

                Incomplete work;

                Inaccessible areas; and

                Second hand materials

Where to get Home Owners Warranty?

If you are a Owner Builder we recommend Australian Building Service Home Owners Warranty for your Home Warranty requirements. Click here for further information.

On inspection we provide a visual inspection of new works only, we will be looking for incomplete, defective materials or workmanship.

As an Owner Builder you have to guarantee all new works for a period of 2 years for minor defects and 6 years for major defects.

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