Awesim Quality Inspection

We specialise in staged quality inspections on new construction of dwellings, providing piece of mind knowing an independent inspection at three critical stages.

First Inspection – Frame Inspection

We will check that the floor, wall and roof framing is built as per contract documentation, Building Regulations and the Building Code of Australia. This must be conducted prior to installation of the wall lining.

Second Inspection – LockUp Inspection

We will check the Electrical, Plumbing, Security & telephone services are installed in the locations as described in the contract documentation. This inspection must be conducted prior to installation of the wall lining.

Third Inspection – Hand Inspection

We will check that the finished dwelling complies with Minimum building Standards as per Australian Building Code, the Australian Standards and the standards and tolerances guide. This inspection must be conducted just prior to signing the final hand over documentation.

On completion of each inspection we will provide you with a comprehensive report.

It is the responsibility of the home buyer to insure that there Builder has provided a high quality of finishes. Many home owners have a belief that Principle Certifying Authority (PCA) or Council Inspectors are responsible for assessing minor defects. The role of the PCA is to insure that the dwelling has been constructed to comply with the Building Code and local regulations, and that the dwelling will be habitable.

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