Pre Purchase Inspection Order

We have a convenient electronic PDF form which can be typed directly into or you can print, scan & return via email.

With all orders we do require the order forms to be completed with as must detail about the property for us to gain access to complete the inspection in a timely manner.

All Orders for Pre Purchase Structural, Building or Pest, we require that you download and read the inspection agreement. If you agree with the inspection agreement we require a tick in the appropriate area on the order form. No Tick = No Inspection.

The Inspection Agreement explains the work that we are being engaged  to do.

We are required under the Australian Standard 4349.1 & 4349.3 and our insurance requirements that this procedure takes place. Please help us comply.


Pre Purchase Inspection Order    Order Form

For further information about an inspection order,

please call Glen on 0419 600 063