Inspection fee’s start from $450.00

  • The purpose of the strata inspection is to check the strata managers records
  • This inspection will identify;
                      Levy Contributions for the Admin & Sinking Fund
                      If there are any special levies
                      The administration fund balance, approximate.
                      The Sinking fund balance
                      Information about the Insurance on the building
                      Any minutes to annual general meetings

 Strata Inspection Order Form

Strata Inspection FAQ’s

What is the Sinking Fund?

A sinking fund is set up by the owners corporation to cover the costs of future capital expenses, which include for example, painting the building, driveway refurbishment, replacement of common property items like carpets, roofing and guttering and lift overhauls.

What is the Administration Fund?

The Administration Fund is set up by the owners corporation to cover the cost of day to day expenses, which include for example, Insurances, Strata Management Fees, small repairs, cleaning, gardening, utility bills etc.

The Strata Inspection, should not be mixed up with an onsite building inspection, they are two separate inspections.

For further information for your Strata Inspection needs,

please call Glen on 0419 600 063