Dilapidation Report


We are the experts in providing Dilapidation Reports throughout Sydney and other projects throughout the country. Our Dilapidation or Condition Reports are used by Councils, Builders, Home Owners  & Developers that are about to start a project that may cause ground movement and cause damage to adjacent properties. With our Dilapidation Inspection, we will document the current condition of the adjacent properties, Internally, Externally, Driveways, Footpaths, Kerb & Gutters and the Road.

What is a Dilapidation Report?

Our Dilapidation Survey Reports show the current condition of the adjacent properties & assets of the property being worked upon. The new works that may cause disturbance to adjacent properties maybe, demolition, new construction, tunneling, retaining walls and deep excavation.

Our Dilapidation Report  is mainly a photographic illustration for the condition of the existing rooms and defects, these photos are compared to the same rooms and defects at the end of the project.

Why have a Dilapidation Report?

Our Dilapidation Reports are used to identify any minor & major defects in appearance & functionality of an adjacent property and compared with the same issues the end of the project.

When should a Dilapidation Report be produced?

A Dilapidation Report should always be conducted prior to the start of any adjacent demolition, excavation or construction, because the report will only show the condition of the property at the time of inspection. It is very difficult in most cases to determine when exactly the damage had occurred prior to the inspection.

What are our Fee’s for inspecting & documenting a Dilapidation Report?

Our Dilapidation Inspection & report fee’s start from a few of hundred dollars, and could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run.

  • Start from $880.00 for a single residential dwelling
  • Commercial Properties are quoted per project
  • We do not charge for providing a quotation.

Who pays for the Dilapidation Report?

In most cases the Builder or Developer pays for the Dilapidation Report as a requirement of council conditions. However more & more builders are seeing the benefits of a Dilapidation Report to reduce there risk of a damages claim from an adjacent property.

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