Pre Purchase Building Inspections

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December 1, 2012
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Pre Purchase Building Inspections

Why use Awesim P/L for your Pre Purchase Building Inspection?

Awesim Pty Ltd has been providing Pre Purchase Building Inspection for over 15 years now, and we are proud of the results that we are providing.

Coming from a carpentry trade back ground, then followed up with a Diploma in Construction Management, we not only have the hands on and practice skills to identify defects within a dwelling, but have gathered skills in report writing so that the prospective home buyer can easily make an informed decision.

What does a Pre Purchase Building Inspection cover?

All our pre purchase building inspections are compliant with the Australian Standards 4349.1 2007.

We cover all aspects of the dwelling, Building Interior, Building Exterior, Roof Space, Roof Exterior, Sub Floor and the Building site upto 30m from the dwelling.

We will open & close anything and everything that opens and close, mailing windows & doors, and kitchen & laundry joinery. That may seem a small task, but it’s not, we find time & time again windows & doors that do not open or close properly or the door or window lock do not function correctly. These small items add up in maintenance & repair costs to the new purchaser.

As part of the Australian Standard for Pre Purchase Building Inspections, Most building inspectors do not cover illegal or unauthorised building works, however because of our vast experience in the industry and being a Building Consultant we are able to identify in most cases if recent works have been complete and not complying with relevant Australian Standards or the Building Code of Australia.

With the massive increase in owner builder, DIY enthusiasts and TV shows that make building look easy, most are not aware of the requirements of the Building Codes within Australia.

What we found on recent Pre Purchase Building Inspections

  1. I attended an apartment building complex approximately 50 years old, then entered the apartment with the realestate agent, first thing was the internal of the apartment with fully refurbished, new kitchen, new bathroom, new ceilings, carpet and new painted walls. The Unit looked fantastic, the realestate agent said the unit was fully renovated by the owner, and he’s a builder. So you would expect that everything was done to standard, right?   WRONG. Because the new ceiling was lowered 100mm from the original ceiling level, the ceiling height throughout the apartment was just over 2300mm, see any problems here? This is MAJOR breach of the Building Code of Australia which requires all habitable rooms to be minimum of 2400mm, being a health & amenity issue. The purchaser was so thankful that I found this issue for him he cancelled the sale contract. To rectify this issue to would have cost around $25,000 – $30,000. The realestate agent was not impressed with my finding and see’s no issue with a lowered ceiling, and was told by the builder that the ceiling was lowered so they could fit in the recessed down lights. That is no excuse, this property should have been fitted with surface mounted lighting.
  2. Another property also an apartment, only about 5-7 years old, so it was still pretty much like new. However the living & dining room was a bit small, I thought “you get that in some units” however when I went into Bedroom #2 & #3 I noticed that the door hinges were different to that of the rest of the apartment, then found that there was no light switch to the rooms. Always thinking, then found the lights were switched from the living room. It then CLICKED, these two rooms have be added after it was originally built. The walls, skirting, cornice, doors & door handles all matched the existing elements. I made note of this in my building inspection report, and the purchaser choose not to proceed with the purchase. I later found out that the apartment was registered as a one bedroom apartment. In this case saved the purchaser loss of property value (as it was being sold as a 3 bedroom where in fact it was a 1 bedroom) and the costs of dismantling the previous works. This would have cost the purchaser over $200,000.

These items above I am finding on a weekly occurrence during our standard Pre Purchase Building Inspection.

These item can only be picked up by someone with over 20 years experience in the building industry, and being Building Consultants not just a regular building Inspector. Our reports go well over the Australian Standards for a Pre Purchase Building Inspection.

If you are seeking one of the top Building Inspector in Sydney, give me a call, I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Glen can be contacted on 0419 600 063 or or CLICK HERE for your Pre Purchase Building Inspection