Expert Witness ReportAt AWESIM we provide Expert Witness Report’s for building matters for Lawyers, Home Owners and Builders.

Our reports which contain a Scott Schedule as required by the Department of Fair Trading or the Courts and the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).

We conduct ourselves as a Professional Expert Witness as per the Expert Code of Conduct found here.

Usually before writing up a Building Expert Report a defect report is required. The Defect Report will identify the issues as being a defect or not. This defect report is usually presented to the builder to rectify the issues.

The odd time the builder may shrug off this defect report, And then a claim to NCAT or Fair Trading may be made. It is at this time a Building Expert Witness Report will be required.

Newcastle, NSW
February 26, 2017

As a result of a home building dispute I had before New South Wales Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT), I contacted Mr Glen Sim from Awesim Building Consultants for some assistance.

Glen used a professional and friendly manner when he assessed, prepared and produced a Building Expert Witness Report and Scott Schedule for me. Glen gave me a fixed price for his services and delivered a high quality report with sound projected costs

Glen also attended a Tribunal Conclave and the Final Hearing in my matter where I received a decision in my favour.

Thanks Glen, I would thoroughly recommend your services as an Expert Witness.

What is in a Building Expert Witness Report?

The Building Expert Witness Report will contain documented evidence of the alleged defect, references to Australian Standards, The Building Code of Australia & The Home Building Act.

We will identify the what, where, how, who & why about the alleged defect.

These are the steps that we follow:

  1. Produce a Defect Report, then
  2. Produce a Building Expert Witness Report, then
  3. Produce a Scott Schedule


What is a Scott Schedule?

A Scott Schedule is a form which allows parties to itemise defective and incomplete works which are the subject of a home building dispute.

The term Scott Schedule was introduced back in 1920’s by George Alexander Scott, an Official Referee and , a surveyor invented it for use in building disputes.

A ‘Scotts Schedule’ refers to a table setting out certain information about a claim.


We Are Based In Sydney and Travel Throughout Regional NSW & Interstate For Our Expert Witness Report Services

For further information about our Building Expert Witness Report services, click here Expert Witness Building Report

Are we an Expert in every field within the Building & Construction Industry?

 Short answer “NO”, simply it is not possible to know in detail everything, we engage specialist in there field to form our opinions, for example we will engage Electrical, Hydraulic, Mechanical Consultants being experts in there fields to assist in producing a Expert Report.

I do have a vast knowledge base within general building & construction industry, starting as an apprentice carpenter, then working upto a Project & Construction Manager. And with over 20 years experience a can darn well write a very comprehensive report.

I have a Diploma in Construction Management and have a passion reading through the stacks of Australian Standard and documenting my findings.

Our Expert Witness Report are INDEPENDANT

Yes, we abide by the code of conduct applied by the courts & NCAT, even though we work for either the Builder of the Builders Client, we have no vested interest with either stakeholders. Basically, we say it as we see it. 

We provide our services as an expert witness on-site when a conclave as been arranged, or in court when required, to provide evidence of non compliant building works, building defects, methods of construction to rectify defects, estimates to rectify defects as required by the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and Australian Standards (AS).

Our Expert Witness Report s for Home Owners

When it comes to seeking an Expert Witness Report and in most cases required and direction has been set by NCAT, our company will assist you in providing all the technical data & references to the Building Code of Australia, Australian Standards and The Home Building Act.

It’s hard to knock a claim back when our expert witness report explains in detail;

What is the defect?

How is it a defect?

Why is it a defect?

Who is responsible for the defect?

How to fix the defect?

How much is the defect going to cost to fix?

All of these items get answered within our Building Expert Witness Report. Basically we have to paint a picture that surrounds the defect issued claimed, both in technical terms and layman’s terms  so as to explain to the Member of NCAT. In most cases the Member may not know a lot about building, this is why our expert witness report is required.

We can also provide assistance on where to go and make application for a claim with the appropriate authorities.

Our Expert Witness Report s for Builders

When it comes to an Expert Witness Report for Builders we have the same approach as the property owner, Our Building Expert Witness Report provide a second opinion to that of the applicant;

Providing other solutions to the issue?

Has there been other Contractor’s involved?

Is the issue defective or incomplete works?

Assist with mitigating losses.

Are there actual defects and or breaches or just allegations?

We also provide Builders Quantum Meruit Reports, to estimate the cost of the works, for which the Builder or sub contractor maybe claiming.

Further information about a building expert witness report can be found here.

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