We are passionate about Building

The only way to be a lover of building is to get your hands dirty, and recently teaming up with a well recognised Builder ‘Dane Sorensen’ has enabled me to do so.

So not only now can we offer building advice, we can also get your property to a high standard where it belongs.

There’s no job too small or large that we can not handle, anything from hanging a door to $20million mixed commercial & residential projects.

Building On From Past History

It’s been something that I have been considering for years, with my history in building disputes & litigation, our clients (like yourself) find it hard to place the trust within another builder, that’s where Dane comes in. Dane, manages his jobs with his old school approach with over 30years building experience. I have worked with hundreds of builders over the years, and I know excellence when I see it.

Building these days has been increasingly difficult to select the right builder, why is that you might ask? The answer is “PROGRESS”, many builders learnt there trade 20+ years ago and have NOT changed with the times. Everyday there is new technology, new building materials, new building processors, new building & construction legislation, most builder just can not keep up with these rapid changes. This is another area that both Dane & I excel, Dane is a proficient manager, both on & offsite and ensuring the very best out of our tradesmen. Then I am part of many forums to keep up with material & process changes as well as changes to the National Construction Code, Australian Standards and the Home Building Act. In actual fact most builders have never read these documents, let alone hold a copy.

Consider us for your next renovation or building project.

Building; Specialising in finishing off projects from previous incomplete or defective works from other builder, building on land that is too hard for others to work, architectural homes etc.

Carpentry; specialising in internal finishes, fixouts, hanging doors, skirtings, architraves etc.



For further information about your Building or Carpentry needs, please call:

Glen on 0419 600 063       or       Dane on 0415 647 631